Getting to Know Me as a Reader

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I continue to read because I enjoy diving into books and seeing a whole new world. The most recent book I have read is The Good Earth. I love this book because it is a historical fiction book that helps me learn more about ancient China, while letting the author take me on an adventure. Reading is difficult for me when the book I’m reading isn’t quite capturing my attention, and I easily get distracted. On the other hand, when the book is amazing and nothing in the world can distract me, then I can read extremely well. When it comes to reading I consider myself to be a pretty good reader. My only problem with reading is that sometimes I have trouble reading a wide range of different genres, so I’m trying to have more of a diverse spectrum of genres. My favorite genres include dystopian (futuristic fantasy), fiction, and historical fiction. Reading is one of my favorite leisure activities. It provides me with a sense of calm that nothing else can replicate. Since I love to read, I usually read outside of school for pure enjoyment. To find out the best option of what to read next, my first choice is always my sisters. My sisters also share a strong fondness of reading and are always full of spectacular book recommendations. If you would like to read one of their recommendations too, try reading The Good Earth!

Window or Mirror?

I am reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer. This is a dystopian novel. I chose this book because it is an adventure through the future. This book is a window for me. A window book is a book that you are learning about and have not had a close connection with the story line. I often choose window books because in mirror book you have a connection to the book personally and usually there are similar events or characters. This is because I’m not very interested in reading a story that is similar to events in my life because I’m already living my life, so I don’t want to read about it. In all, I would recommend this book for a chance to look into an unimaginable world!


How to be a Energy Giver

Being an energy giver is very important. It makes others feel better about themselves and if you are an energy giver you can also make yourself feel better! Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to make a positive environment wherever you go!

  • Don’t talk badly about others
  • Say hello 
  • Do kind gestures, (these can be big or small)
  • Be respectful to everyone and everything around you
  • Always think about what you are going to say and how it will make others feel
  • Include others

These are just some of the things that you can do to be an energy giver. There are lots of ways that you can make a positive impact on someone’s life. So today, I challenge you to do at least one thing from the list to become an energy giver!

Matched Book Review

Overall, I really enjoyed reading the Matched series. These books kept me reading all through the night! Ally Connie took me on a wonderful journey through the future, traveling with both main perspectives. If you like a dystopian romance, this series is for you! In this book an impossible love triangle is at play. Cassie must find the hidden path to an improbable future with Ky, while Xander hides in the sideline longing for a life with Cassie.

Camp Kirkwood

One day, all 100 6th graders all crammed into 3 buses and set off to camp. You see, this would have been a good thing IF there wasn’t a hurricane going straight for our destination.

When we got there, surprise, surprise!! It was raining. Hard. So we all went to our cabins and got settled.Then, we went to lunch, which was a strange concoction of cheese, bread and meat. We attempted to enjoy some activities outside and swim in the freezing pool, but our plan failed. After a long dreary and extremely wet day, everyone ate a dinner consisting of slimy noodles and a questionable sauce, and went to bed. 

The next morning the lake expanded from the rain, and it was STILL RAINING. For breakfast, we “enjoyed” ham that was similar to cardboard. When we finally finished a lecture on forest ecology, it stopped raining. Everyone was sent off onto a lake with four people, a canoe and little to no instructions. Thankfully my dad had sent me on canoeing adventures before, so I already knew how to properly steer the boat. Another activity we participated in was a zip line that went over a lake which I have to admit was pretty cool. After a meal of cold Mac and cheese, everyone went to bed. 

All in all, this camping trip was hysterically, hilariously not what I expected. I do think that this whole experience could have been better if they had just decided to reschedule it. Even though the zip line was fun and canoeing could be considered fun, I will need some convincing to do it a second time.

Find Your Jam!

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